Taking a moment to state something that I’ve just stated over and over but really just I need to vent about it. Humanity sucks and I want it to drop dead and become dead and never return, okay thanks. I know I’m apart of humanity but really take me with you, as I’m far better to deal with all the shit that I deal with.

What’s the deal with that woman with a wig wanting a picture with me? At first I thought it would be cool, but then I think she was just taking the piss of me or something and thought it would be funny to take a picture with the crap looking guy sitting behind her. Apart from that, blah on everyone.

When you tell someone that you fancy them and they say nothing to you, and then proceed to tell you to get lost, leave the conversation because they don’t want to deal with you? It’s frankly shit, and I can’t believe that I put myself through that. I’ve really had an itch to just bitch about it cause it pisses me off. Nobody deserves to be treated like that, and then the very same day they turn around and then falls in love with someone else who happens to be my friend. Ouch like seirously, and saying that I’m immiture; that’s not the immiture things to say.

Sure I’m insecure but still that doesn’t give someone a right to play around with my feelings especailly in a vulnerable moment in which they know I’m very vulnerable. Seriously. Asking me for help some months ago and really being serious about it and taking it seriously, and then breaking everything you said you would do and then treating me like shit is just absolute crap for everything and I can’t deal with it.

I feel such a dislike for the way that you’re treating me, and yet I still make it so that it gets to me. And for that it makes me further hate myself because I allow it to get to me like that. And what does everyone say to me about it? Absolutely nothing, that’s right. Because I’m always the one to leave people with this completley clueless and loss for words mood. You know how that feels?

Fucking horrible, that’s forsure.