I just need to take a moment and think about how much I never realised things happend so quickly. In the course of 5 minutes, things can just change completely without any warning, without any reason, without anything to do about it. It’s just shocking and I really only notice it now because a shitload of shit has come down in a really short amount of time, and I’m just at a loss for words to be completely honest.

I’m so shocked by things that I’m feeling even just a little bit numb and even laughing about it, despite it not being the most appropriate emotion. But like seriously; I knew my life was sort of dramatic, but this is just like over the top let’s win an Oscar style. I’m really just at a loss for words about the velocity about things happening.

Shit happens people; a lot of shit can happen in a really short amount of time; so don’t let your guard down!