Oh how my distain for the Prefecture mounts minute-by-minute. I went in today to see if my paper-work was ready; “Nope sorry, we were waiting for you to tell us to start it”. Uhm okay, so now that I did, it’s going to take 5 weeks at minimum to fabricate my carte de séjour, does this mean… I’m not even going to start.

What bothers me even further is the fact that I sat for 1.5 hours waiting as the numbers slowly went by, and every single person around was either moved ahead of the line, illegially given papers, or something of low-merit, because they know someone who works at the Prefecture. So in total I saw 5 French Passports given to non-French nationals; ergo illegial, 3 Carte de séjours for Russian families who have no paperwork, several african-nationals trying to get illegially into the offices, one Russian woman crying because they denied her entry for no reason but the fact that she’s Russian, and then quickly changed and her paperwork given to her to avoid a kaffule; and finally the grand-one of them all… A Chinese girl being helped, moved ahead in line, and then denied any help because she’s “communist” and comes from a radical region of China.

Does this mean that I need to become rascist, and start crying to get some help in this country? If so, then get me out of here, I’m moving to Sweden or Germany where things are 1) efficient, 2) non-rascist, and 3) nicer.

What’s the end story of this? I got my paperwork renewed again for the third time, and I wait still for my perminant residence status. God, it would have just been easier to marry a French national…