I was walking through the city yesterday and I couldn’t help but notice something that was quite shocking to me. I think I might have made this observation before; but in any case it’s pretty random and it quite shocked me. I was walking back from getting a hair cut over by Place des Halles (the mall) and I decided to go throug hte city centre because it was nice and I wanted to be noticed by all the forieng tourists and such (weird I know). We are reconstructing Place Kléber apparently to make it more ‘user friendly’ and will have a pond and such in the middle.

As a tangent, I am thinking that that’s gross because now all the bums and homeless people with bathe in the pretty pond when it’s done, and then there won’t be any more room for the markets… Ok back on track.

So I noticed that the construction workers were doing their thing, beyond the barriered fences but it struck me almost immediately. Most of the workers are either Alcascian, German, or foreign and therefore don’t speak much French. This was an observation previously but I didn’t take it that seriously until about today. Also in comparison with Canada, they are not fit at all. They are more or less young/middle-aged/older fat men trying to do heavy labour. This is different from Canada where they are mostly dirty, yet strong fit men who are objectifying to women that go by. I don’t think anyone could possibly be flattered by the Strasbourgoise workers; as it would be taken as an insult.

This is going to sound superficial and horrible, but frankly it needs to be said. It’s okay for the Canadian workers to walk around in minimal clothing whilst doing their work; because it’s asthetically pleasing. But dudes, keep your clothes on in Strasbourg; nobody want’s to see that. It’s disgusting and I feel like I want to throw up a little bit in my mouth. If you were wearing clothing nobody would notice. I understand it’s a hot day and you want a tan, but in the interest of public saftey and desires keep it on, for the love of all that is holy!

In other news, the bums are turning nudist as well. Is there a memo that I’m surpressing or didn’t receive in relation to lack of clothing? I thought there were laws against being near naked, or nude completely. And let’s be honest, the bums aren’t anything better than the workers. They are just the complete other side of the scale: famished and ghetto skinny, which again is something that nobody wants to see!

France scares me, on a daily basis!