Today I am making a salute to our BNP Paribas worker, Jérémy. We don’t know his surname, or anything else about him, but he’s awesome. At the beginning of our school year he was the guy that opened our accounts, and we think that we were his first clients. He was really nervous and fumbly with everything; but Ginette and I are basically just fighting over who was making him uncomfortable. Money is on me, because I have that affect on a large number of people, surprisingly.

Anyways, I ran into him a few weeks ago at Esplanade, because that’s where he lives I find out, and he acutally remembered my name, and not Ginettes. Take that skanky bitch; mwahaha. I win. Now I would normally ask for money, but since you are broke and always asking to borrow money from me that you won’t ever return, (ie. that 20€ at the beginning of the year) I expect nothing from you. I’ll just gloat in your face, or your psycik presence whilst you are in Berlin. He wants me and not you; na-na-na-na-boo-boo!

Anyways, on a happier note the photo above was taken at Christmas and has been on Facebook for awhile. I promised myself I had to get a picture of the one we were stalking, so I did and now its on my blog. Go me! I freaking rock.