Heja Sverige från Spanien, nu har vi Andra Chansen från Nyköping. Two to go to the final, head-to-head, it’s intense battle between great songs with more than 1 million votes cast it’s set at record for the best voted!

Elin Lanto – Money
Personal Favourite
Same sexy dancers, different sexy outfits, but a better performance, shame that she lost out to Jessica in her first Melodifestivalen appearance. She may be small, but she smacks a punch like a heavy-weight!

Jessica Andersson – Kom
Oh Jessica and her huge disco ball and crazy antics. Thank god again she wasn’t wearing a skanky outfit, but she went on to loose to Sanna. Good decision as the latter was better. Yay for shlagerfest!

Jimmy Jonsson – Amanada
Jimmy, you annoy me and your performance wasn’t good. You deserved to loose to Sanna! At least now you can spend more time with your newborn baby and not at Melodifestivalen, keep it that way, thanks in advance!

Sanna Nielsson – Vågar du, vågar jag
Personal Favourite
If this song didn’t qualify I would have cried, but it did and everyone loves her and her shlager. You could have changed the outfit or something though Sanna, at least for the final though?

Uno & Irma – God morgon
This song is so feel good a better performed and looking this time around. Shame that it lost to eventual champion Sonja, but I’m biased Sonja lover! Sorry mates! Better luck next time; but I did have a good morning thanks!!

Sonja Aldén – För att du finns
Personal Favourite
Sonja rocks my socks, from a backup singer of Shirley Clamp to personal carreer I knew she could and I love her for it. With a personality as loveable as hers, who can’t be a fan of Sonja. It is of course, because you are!

Nanne Grönvall – Jag måste kyssa dig
Personal Favourite
So sad that you lost to Magnus, because really I love how you are so amazing. Please come back next year, I want to vote for you. Vote vote vote! You’re always a performance and a half!

Magnus Uggla – För kung och fösterland
You beat Nanne, therefore I don’t like you, but then again I never liked you. You’re funny, but not that funny, that’s why Sonja kicked your butt! Mwhaha! Go team; but thanks for a good laugh. I would have preferred After Dark though!

Final comments? I’m still a hardcore Måns fan who wants to see him strutt his stuff in Helsinki. However, I just realized that if that happens then there will be less of him to go around because then all of Europe will want him. Better send Sarah Dawn Finer or Anna Book then, more of tem to go around (just kidding haha sorry!) Okej that was bad, but I will cry if either of them win.

Här kommer Globen nästa veckan! And my explination of Spain trip for those who await my spur-of-the-moment travel decisions!