So what am I doing up at 05.00 in the morning? Just coming home from a disco in Kehl. We decided last minute to go there to check it out. It actually turned out to be a really classy place despite being a million miles away. Bloody cab fare was horrible though on the way here from Strasbourg. At about 20€ there, and at 04.00 it was 30€ total for 12 people. That’s right, we broke about a million laws and fit 12 people into a little minivan. My hips hurt from being squished. 

Anyways, discos in Kehl are, interesting. Classy and yet dirty at the same time. There was nobody there, which was weird, so we took it all up but I can imagine how some nights it’s jumping. Linguistically it’s a bitch, but right now I’m in no conditon to be making in depth analysis of Germany. Anyways, untill tomorrow!

Wie Ghets Deutschland!