Oh Melodifestivalen how much I love you, and more importantly how much I love the fact that Norrland rocks. Normally I would say that Norbotten rocks, but since Örnsköldsvik isn’t in Norrbotten, I’m being general. You can always count on Norrland to send the best people to Globen! This is what I have to say to you Norrland: HEJA! VI ÄR BÄST!

Måns Zelmerlöw – Cara Mig
Personal Favourite
Just plain wow. This guy makes me want to go out and buy Idol from last year. Not only does he know how to sing, but he has more sex appeal than anyone I’ve ever seen. This guy is just plain fucking hot! And damn, the song, I just about loved it the first time I heard it, and the performance was awesome. I want to marry him in a totally platonik (sorta) way. I just can’t get over it.

MissMatch – Drop Dead
Nothing really special about this rock song, it’s kind of annoying to be honest. I’m sort of glad that it came in last place. It proves that the rock movement isn’t afoot. The fake tatoos and annoying girl band song just got to me and I don’t fancy this song at all. I almost prefer t.a.T.U., and that is a sad sad thing to say!

Magnus Carlsson – Live Forever
Personal Favourite
Continuing on the theme of sex appeal, Maggy. As usual he’s got his awesome song, but the public wasn’t so fond of it this time. He always has his slutty backup singers wearing nearly nothing. Is this a gay mans attempt to get votes from the non-homosexual voting population? Who knows. The song would have been heaps better if it was in a lower register and he didn’t sing in falsetto. He is a great singer, and his powerful voice would have been better in another key. But still, thanks for just.. existing.

Sheida – I Mina Drömmar
Thankfully Melodifestivalen doesn’t lack variety, because if they were all schlager, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself! Anyways, this ethnically Far Eastern song sung in Swedish is quite interesting. I find it funny that the guy can sing in Swedish, but when he get’s interviewed it’s a bit of a joke. Represent from Norrland though, coming from Skullefteå! Gotta love it.

The Attic feat. Thérèse – The Arrival
Hmm, I really don’t know what to say about this song. I was excited to hear The Attic would be here, but the song isn’t bad by any means. It would have been more interesting, but I don’t know how. The CD was witty, but other than it just lacked… umph! Sort of like Evan last year, but I loved Evan so I don’t know why I’m making the comparison. Still a good song to get up and dance to, but nothing to write home to mother about (sorry mom!)

Sebastian – When the Night Comes Falling Down
Personal Favourite
I didn’t like this song until I saw it, but then I was simply mesmorized by it. Once again, another competitor oozing sex appeal. Another reason for me to have watched Idol; but he’s got a different type of charm. As my friend Daniel agrees, as well as his friend: “Sebastian glows of charm, Måns glows of gayness.” I agree with this statement, but Daniel’s friend doesn’t and is actually quite scared of being on the verge of bisexual since Sebastian makes him… well I think it’s better not said. The point is, he’s got umph! And a lot of it! This song just screams for me to sing out, especially the chorus. Crowd interaction, clearly gets votes, but the weird arm and body movements are a go Sebas! I love it still, but I love Måns more (sorry)!

Sonja Aldén – För Att Du Finns
Andra Chansen
Personal Favourite
Sonja, I love you, plain and simple. People love you too. You’ve come from the shadows of Shirley Clamp, and you are frankly just as good if not better than her. Your voice is like an angel with no faults, and you just are a shining star. Even your personality is perfet and bubbly. I think I’d get along with you. Despite me not feeilng the ballad, the song is really nice. I would have liked to hear something closer to Etymon, with a little bit of umph! Clearly today’s theme is gayness and “umph”!!! Also she’s hawt so add her to the previous I love you category!

Nanne Grönvall – Du Måste Kyssa Dig
Andra Chansen
Personal Favourite
Nanne Nanne Nanne, you’re a vetran, but I would have wished you went direct to Globen. However, I think you’ll kick ass in Andra Chansen so it’s okay anyways. Your song is good, but it’s not Eurovision this time sadly. It’s classic Nanne and reminds me a lot of your past songs. However, despite your cool and unique style, I loved your performance and creativity as usual. You’re always 110% and well worth the show! Good Luck.

In other news, I just have to comment about SVT’s apparent usage of sexuality in this episode of Melodifestivalen. Kristian Luuk, you’re my hero, not only because your an Estonian who speaks Swedish, and becasue you’re funny, but you’re just plain crazy. You come up with the funniest shit, and I wish only that I could meet you one day and experience your amazingness. However, I just have to comment about your apparent exploration of sexuality in this episode. Last night there was a lot of man-on-man actiongoing on, and here’s a run-down.
Kristian, I think that I can honestly that the entire Swedish population and all aware of Måns’ existance is jealous of you at this very second. However, after watching the two of you dance together so sweetly and thinking “aww” it crossed my mind that it probably took a million shots of this to get 1) comfortable and 2) it right. Having that said, still, damn you’re lucky. Oh well, this just furthers my belief of Måns and his homosexuality; no straight can be that perfect!
Getting felt up by Magnus now. How does this make you feel? Apparently good since he gives you a good massage, but seriously. You know that he’s j
ust about the hugest gay icon is Swedish music scene, and you still let him feel you up. Too bad he, (and you) is married happily and living with pets; how Swedish!
Feeding Sebastian now? I couldn’t help but laugh at this, cause he got 2 out of 3 correct. I never would have guessed the smoothie either Sebastian; so don’t worry! But still, just looks funny from my perspective, almost sweet too.

As another side note to Måns, the piggy back at the end? Hot, and then what’s the deal with you kissing Sebas? Just a question, don’t take offense, but since when did “straight” men kiss other “straight” men. We aren’t in Italy here, but it doesn’t mater cause it just even further convinces me of your (plural) closetedness. Daniel also goes on the record for saying “I wonder how many times they got it on in the trailer during Idol…”

Really makes you think, doesn’t it?