Valentines Day: Feb. 14th Reflections

First and foremostly important comment on this day: Get bent and drop dead. I could go on a rant about how commercialised this holiday is, but frankly I would just be going against everything I believed in as a child. Who didn’t love making the little valentines and giving them to other people in their little cubby-holes or baskets made for their desks. Or receiving candy-grams in high school, or should I say more likely delivering them. But those time have passed and I’ve sadly become a 20 year old bitter person, so instead of bitching about comercialisation I will just have a reflection on the glorious day.

Secondly, what the hell is with this S.A.D. (Singles Awareness Day), that’s the biggest load of crap I’ve heard since Carla denying botox (as if eh?). Anyways, that’s just some retarded day for single people to make themselves feel better about all the lovey-dovey crap that’s going around. Well I for one won’t stand for it. Be ashamed of yourselves people; it makes me roll my eyes, which makes me tired, which makes me want to be unproductive… Bottom line, it’s not good for me!

So as I’m sitting here burning rose insense with my candle, reflecting on Valentines Day, I can’t help but talk about what  I did for the ‘glourious’ day. I woke up at 12.00 for my 13.00 class, I dressed in all black and emo. When I say emo, for all those who don’t know what emo means, it’s emotional. Refer to Google Images for emo style reference. The all black really did work wonders compared to everyone else, where pink, red, and purple seemed to dominate. What makes the day even better was the pathetic fallacy, the rain that didn’t sease! Right, back to emo. So waking up, and praying to myself that I only spend 1 hour in public, turned out fine. I went to class, came back, and went back to bed and stayed as a hermit for the remainder of the day, except dinner where I felt the need to binge on unhealthy food.

I’m forgetting important deails, an emo can’t be emo without black eyeliner and little tear drops drawn in. Don’t ask for photos, because such things don’t exist as I wasn’t in public long enough to be noticed. However, having said that my trip to the McDonald’s was extremely eventful (unfortunately). Why can’t people just take a hint, emos don’t want to be talked to. Honestly!

So I’m standing in line at McDonalds trying to think of why my line is going the slowest, but it makes perfect sense.. Karma, right!? Anyways, so I get tapped on the shoulder by three other emos. I rolled my eyes and asked myself “Why me?” And turned around again. But of course these weren’t real emos of course, just fake ones who seemed to find me extremely attractive. Why is it that when we want to be not-noticed, we get noticed the most? Anyways, I get asked to come home with them so that they can, and I quote, “Show me a good time.” I laughed in their face, and told them that they should wish that, and thank god the cashier opened up.

Can’t people take a hint, that maybe other people’s wishes about not celebrating holidays should be respected? Can’t people take a hint that maybe the eroticisms that they enjoy aren’t looked well upon by others; like seriously and orgy, kidding right (I hoped so)? Whatever, I just came back to my room and binged on food, and it was oh so good. I even went to bed fairly early so all in all it was a good day.

I guessed I didn’t call myself the anti-christ of love and St:Valentin for no reason! Represent what you believe in (bitches!)!! Okej, I’m done trying to be ghetto; I’m far too white, and far too classy to even attempt to pull that off.  


  1. it’s evident exactly how commercial valentine’s day is, and christmas is even worse, and don’t get me started on halloween: it got so twisted that instead of worrying about the spirits of the dead returning to earth we send children out into the night to ask strangers for candy. candy and commercialism both start with the letter “c” (and if you don’t believe me you should ask nestle and hershey–they’re all over it). this correlation is not irrefutable proof that corporations have no souls. it is, however, to laugh in a corporate face and not buy in.

    i was remembering, as you do, the time when valentine’s day was about homemade crafts and puppy love, so this year instead of protesting (which i usually do for a different reason than you do: i feel that love should be celebrated all year round in all of its forms, and as far as i’m concerned romance is a lesser love) i baked an unreasonable number of cupcakes from scratch, filled the lunchroom with some red and pink balloons i found around the house and made valentines for everyone on my staff. all that it cost me was my time and effort.

    the reward was kind of sad, though. a couple of fat assholes ate all of the cupcakes and hooligans popped the balloons. from which good still comes: you can take comfort in the fact that you’re not the only one mad about valentine’s day!

    all of this is really nice, but i have to leave for the dentist. i love you in a non-valentine way if that makes it any better…and i think about you all the time. not just on the holidays 🙂

  2. Oh, Valentines Day. And you know what? The abbreviation VD can’t be a coincidence. Oh no.

    I can’t believe you went emo. That’s so awesome!! Hahahaaa I wanted to have an emo day one day, but I couldn’t figure out how I could make it work. So I didn’t.

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