Regina Lund – Rainbow Star
Personal Favourite
Regina with her anthem, and speaking five languages? How utterly impressive for her. Her blondness frankly scares me but her message in her song is very lovely. The sort of disco beat was one of my favourite of this flight of singers, but it’s sad that she came in last place. Probably because the song on stage was done really poorly; come back next year Regina and with a song that isn’t so much crying out to the homosexual population of Sweden, and we will vote you in…(maybe)!

Marie Lindberg – Trying to Recall
Personal Favourite
Now if this isn’t the heartwarming story of Melodifestivalen, then at the very least it’s the story of this flight of competitors. A complete nobody wildcard from the outskirts of Göteborg is competing in Melodifestivalen in the biggest city closest to where she lives. She’s a school teacher, and a singer/songwriter, and I can’t get enough of her. If Nanne’s story isn’t heartwarming, then this one is just the best. And what’s best about this one you say; she actaully had a good song that was correctly chosen by SVT! She was all alone on stage with her back-up singers far behind her, with her guitar, singing nervously a song in English that just is one of those feel good songs. And Sweden helped her through and the look on her face when she was put right into the final was just the most precious part. She honestly couldn’t believe it, but I could; and so did the rest of Sweden! Great story, 12 points for Marie and I can’t wait to see her in Globen where she will be 100x more nervous clearly! A dream come true, in reality.

Jimmy Jansson – Amanda
Andra Chansen
Give me a fork and let me gouge his eyes out. And while I’m at it I might as well take his vocal cords. Jimmy bothers me; and I can’t quite figure out why. It’s either becasue he’s married to Sandra Dahlberg (who is a cradle robber), because he’s got a child at such a young age, or because he’s just got an annoying voice. His song was decent but it makes me hate the name Amanda. Sure his boyish cute looks help him, but he’s too emo! Emo to the max, with his hair and just all of him. His first appearance in Melodifestivalen was okay, but this was just giving me the “kill me now” feeling the whole time. Booo star power; you should have voted the following song!

Cosmo4 – What’s Your Name
Personal Favourite
With a group of girls singing a girl-group pop-disco song, who could go wrong in Melodifestivalen? I just find it funny that one of them doesn’t speak Swedish at all, which means that I’m more Swedish than her, despite her being in Melodifestivalen. How crazy is that? Does this mean that I should call up Henrik Wikström to write/arrange me a song, cause I’ll do it if he does my song. Just working with that guy would make me, firstly distracted by his “star” power, but then excited because he’s awesome! Schlager hits all the way girls, you had fun, it was a cool song, but Sweden wasn’t ready for the cosmos, sorry!

Lustans Lakejer – Allt Vi En Gång Trodde På
I don’t really know what to say about this song, since it was kind of weird. I can’t really find words for it either, I just know that it was sort of boring to watch, and the singers were out of tune a bit it sounded like. Nothing special, nothing too bad about it, all equallying a non qualification for obvious reasons. It’s a catchy song, regardless, and it sort of grows on me like “Clubbin'” did, even though this is the only time that I will akwnoledge it; so copy/paste into the archives before I edit the post!

Jessica Andersson – Kom
Andra Chansen
Oj Jessica. After being last years absolute joke of the competition, who was wearing less than what a slut would be wearing on a good night, Jessica bounced back and made it through to Andra Chansen with a disco-pop song. It even had a disco ball, which made me smile. However, once again her lyrics can be quite sexual, at least to me, which says a lot. I felt kind of bad for her when Luuk dressed up in her outfit on stage and wasn’t very flattered by it (I could have done way better, and will prove it!). I think at that point she wanted to crawl into a hole and die, casue it looked like that. However, her and her little mouse good luck charm thingie moved on to a second chance! Disco it up sista!

Svante Thursson & Anne-Lie Ridé – Första Gången
The thought of this song makes me want to hop around becasue like look who it is.. Svante and Anne-Lie!! I would have thought this goes right to the final, but this year the songs that deserve to go on did, minus Jimmy, but I’m biased. This is a cute song, and it’s so nice to see old favourites on stage, especially together. Does this mean that maybe one day we will see Carola and Lena doing a duet? Not fucking likely, that’s for sure. The best that situation can bring is After Dark doing an interlude show imitating and making fun of both of them; and Carola was the only one not to do a voice over. Maybe that’s cause she’s a brainwashed-homophobic bitch who’s a part of a religious cult. Enough said, shame that Carola ruins my thoughts for this cute song! Be gone evil witch!

The Ark – The Worrying Kind
Personal Favourite
Oh The Ark, of whom vowed never to participate in Melodifestivalen! I wonder how much SVT had to fork out to put them into the competition? I love this song, it’s just so happy and great, and it’s performed really well, but I honestly hope it doesn’t win; I really really hope it doesn’t! And what the heck was he wearing? I swear I was having reminisants of seeing him as a woman, but who knows. I shouldn’t be talking though since during the same night we had a dress up party, and I was definantly wearing less than he was, which is lets just say a lot of skin (photos maybe to be posted later), but in any case; I’ve got a way better body than him so on you international star, I’ve got a better body. Na-na-na-na-boo-boo!

I can’t explain how excited I am for Örnsköldsvik next week. Not only becau
se while in Stockholm I saw the name of that city on the board and almost wanted to go there, but because it’s by far the best Semi-Final in my opinion. It’s got Nanne in it for goodness sakes, and sex-on-legs Magnus Carlsson. I look forward greatly to this semi-final next weekend, and until then I’m off to clean my clothes! Over and out.