Melodifestivalen is here, thank god and finally I’m able to come and critique what went on. In all honesty, before I ended up seeing this, I wasn’t expecting much from Melodifestivalen this year. The lists of songs and performances was random, but after hearing some of the songs I started to come around. Most of them take a few listens before they become remotely good, and some are just plain pathetic. So it was Saturday night in Jönköping and the stage was absolutely amazing; world class and even doable for Eurovision. Helsinki pay attention and take the exact stage and you will have a masterpiece theater!

Elin Lanto – Money
Andra Chansen
Personal Favourite
After seeing the entrance to this song I was absolutely captivated. The song itself, despite having the word “bitch”, is really catchy and provocative. I liked it a lot, especially the dancing which was amazingly coreographed. If only all acts could be like this. In terms of singing, it went well for Elin, but her voice is a little whiny which doesn’t add much and the range she has is limited. At least it’s not a strain on her voice however!

Andersson & Gibson – Anything But You
Personal Favourite
Bloody shame that this one came in fifth place, behind songs that shouldn’t have qualified. A country ballad which is beautifully composed and sung by the two singers. The harmonies are just lovely to the ear, and even I liked it despite hating country. It’s not a Eurovision winner, but it’s a crowd-pleaser I think, or at least for me.

Anna Book – Samba Sambero
If there are Anna Book fans reading right now, I suggest skipping this pharagraph because I’m about to rip her apart. She’s a great singer, obviously after being previously successful, but my god the woman needs to learn a few things. First of all the song by Thomas G:son was just about as annoying as nails scratching on a chalkboard, and the only reason they qualified was because she’s popular. The song sucked and she’s limited to doing anything stage wise because she looks like a grape. How the hell can someone so good as her, be so unhealthy and allow herself to continue this way? Even with a dress like Kikki’s last year she couldn’t hide everything she’s got, and for that I’m annoyed.

Addis Black Widow – Clubbin’
I don’t even want to begin to comment on this. It simply doesn’t deserve my time. What the hell were you thinking SVT for even getting this past the jury!? There were probably 2’000 other songs better than this. And what were you wearing; like seriously. It’s no wonder you came in last place and will probably receive the lowest of all voted particpants. Absolute discrace.

Andreas Lundstedt – Move
Personal Favourite
Andreas has sex appeal, he knows it, and he used it for this performance. The popy-dance hit is catchy and even got me dancing but it’s not Eurovision quality. I loved the dancing and was even as good as the first entry, performed wonderfully, but it just didn’t have the umph that a song needs. As a side comment, I could have sworn that the middle ‘female’ dancer looked like a cross-dressing female. The features ‘it’ had made me wonder for awhile, but it will rest unknown. In any case they danced really well and the cinemotography was lovely giving just about every angle, even of dancer’s legs.

Tommy Nilsson – Jag tror på människan
I hate this song, just because it’s boring and it only qualified because he’s a past Meldofiestivalen entry. The song is decent and with a lot of emotion, but it’s going to bomb in the final I reckon. He’s a good singer, just his star factor sadly carried him to the Final. Bloody shame though because I think that song number two should take his or third song’s spot. Melodifestivalen could do without him.

Sofia – Hypnotized
When I first heard this song I thought it had a chance but god was this a disaster on stage. She looks like some sort of pole dancer gone wrong and is singing a song that doesn’t work well for the ears. Her whiny voice, mixed with off pitch notes makes this just a pain in the arse to listen to. Reminds me of Macedonia’s song last year, although it was performed better by Macedonia.

Uno & Urma – God morgon
Andra Chansen
Personal Favourite
I love a good Swedish hit, and this one was lovely. With a guitarist and a singer it’s just nice. He looked like Bono gone wrong with the glasses however. The song takes me back to the 80s and even sounds a little bit like Gyllene Tider with the style of singing and how it sounds. Hippy generation pop hit I think, but weird pronouciation of “morgon” at times. Don’t think it will qualify for the final, but we shall see when Andra Chansen comes around. Sadly though, Irma looked a little bit like spaghetti with her waving arms. Still loved it.

That’s a rap up for the first set of performances, and next week we have a little bit star power which will create some competition. Until then, hej då och lycka till Sverige!