So sitting in French class is quite boring and I have frankly nothing to do. We are doing some sort of improvisation exercise where a bunch of students who can’t speak French are struggling to act out a scene with handicaped people. Our ‘leader’ Rachelle is quite the interesting character since she has little to not patience, and therefore she’s having difficulties dealing with the lack of fluency. If she wants to be a teacher she needs to tun off the evil eye and get with the programme quite frankly.

Also she demands complete and utter silence for all the time which is difficult to attain since nobody understands. Madoka, Jules and I all understand perfectly as well as the Spanish woman, Maria. Right now it’s a few people in line acting to try to get something for a tram badge, and it’s quite funny. Really I’m bored, but quite happy that our grammar class was moved ahead by an hour so we have some less time to waste and therefore don’t get out of class at 19.00 like always. It’s a great class with Laure, but quite frankly the time of the class was killer and we all hated it.

As the French would say, Bon Courage à moi! :>