So on Monday night for the second week in a row we decided to have a social gathering, but this time to celebrate our Columbian friend Ricardo’s birthday. Becky was in Turkey so he was quite upset about that, but despite that he had a lovely time. We went over to Alex’s room at 22.00, but this was after a rushed shower and various attempts at matching my limited clothing to something that might remotely match in some way. I figured I would be too tired to go out anyways, which turned out to be true. But before anyone got too tipsy we were able to take pictures, and in the above one we have Laura, Myself, CrazyDan, Elle, Emma, and Scott.Yes Scott is mégaüber tall, but so is Dan but you’d never know since he is bending down to make fun of Laura’s apparent shortness.

Turns out that Dan has this really posh accent that is so easy to understand. He had to go to private school and wear 16th century uniforms that made him look like a freak, so I can’t wait to see these photos, so we had a good laugh. Also he’s so intrigued by Canadian accents, whether he’s joking or not it was all in good fun trying to think of rhyming couplets to entertain him with. Eventually he got bored and moved on, but I kept going since it was the only conversation that drunk english-men could have.

I have already cursed Matthew for taking this photo of me when I was clearly not ready and completley out of context. Never-the-less I’m posting it becasue it’s so ‘natural’ or ‘je ne sais quoi’. I think I was telling him that I thought he was crazy for doing something or other.

On a happier note I have vacations coming up in a month (already yes I know), and I’m seriously toying with the idea of going skiing in the alps with Emily, Dan, Siân et al. It costs roughly 700€ but we are going to be staying in chalet and everything with lift passes and skii rentals. I’m excited about the possibility but I’m looking into more information so that I can make a decision. I’d like to spend more time with them and get to know them in the non-drunk stage of their lives, but also I just want to go skiing damnit! This may be the only opportunity I have to go skiing in a place like the Alps and I don’t want to pass it up. I just need to work out the logistics because I didn’t bring any of my stuff obviously.

I will talk to my mom sometime this week on Skype and see how she feels about it, and if she can send my winter jacket in the mail superfast as it’s far too expensive to buy here, along with skii-goggles, which I will go check out at the store. In any case, just toying with the idea but I really think it would be cool.

Also, I really wish that I had better abilities of telling when someone is hitting on me. Apparently someone who shall not be named was flirting with me all evening but I was completely oblivious, as usual. Is it due to my social awkwardness or is it just that I’m in denial? Who cares, it’s just good for the ego!