After being given a few days to recover from the crazy antics that Dan’s party brought, I started to realize how many freaking people were born in January and it’s getting kind of irritating, but never-the-less I love them all. We went out for Ksenia’s birthday on Saturday for some drinks, but the night ended dramatically and quickly when someone had to be taken home due to extreme-drunkenness, so after many phone calls and me being tired I just gave up the evening in a postive way instead of burning out and feeling like crap on Sunday. Can you believe that the glass of Pinot Blanc that I bought at this classy pub was only 1.70€ ? For once France wins in the cheap stuff area.

It’s important to note that everything was fine when we arrrived at Salamandre tonight, and I got to talk to a bunch of people and even get in on some gossip, sans Ginette for once! Ginette is awesome, but people need time away from each other and a night out without her was exaclty what I needed. On Monday also I can do that at Ricardo’s party.

The day after, that is still Thursday, we went skating and I went skating for nearly the first time. It was easy and I caught on quick even with the annoying toe-pick on the skates.It took me about 20 minutes to find skates that fit me though, but after I found them and little kids tried to kill us on the ice, we had a lovely time.

Classes are boring and homework is piling up but it doesn’t need to be done. Only the Synthèses and Compte-Rendues, which I whipped out in a few minutes, but all is swell. Emma went back to Scottland for the week, and Gemma goes back next Friday so it will be very lonely around but I’m sure I’ll manage. Birthday’s and ‘social gatherings’ are pending so all is great.