When someone gives one an opportunity to get dressed up, no questions are asked and you just put the shit on and get ready to go out. Dan’s 22nd birthday was last night and I promised him that I would come since, well it’s SuperDan. He wanted everything to be classy and has advertised this event for many weeks, so everyone was looking spectacular when we went to the Le Saxo. I was stupid and bought a glass of Piniot Noir which turned out to be 4.70€ but it didn’t matter since we were at a really classy pub where we looked the best out of everyone. Much chit chatting before heading to Le Brasseur, a more Dan-British-Type pub, and after being hesitatnt about going downstairs we went down and everyone had a great time.

When it’s Erasmus night at The Living Room, you don’t pass it up, since it’s not as sweaty as Le Salamandre and although being quite small we were all able to squeeze in there so we danced the night away having a wonderful time for Dan’s birthday. By this point in the evening he was still in good condition surprisingly, but by 4am when we left he could barely hold his head up, and therefore was struggling. He was a limp noodle, and we all got into a snowball fight before being nearly arrested. Luckly us few sober ones were able to save the situation and find our way home being lost and all. When Dan says to rock on and dance, you damn well rock on and dance and have a good time and that’s what we did. Crazy drinks with lights in them, and crazy drunk people everywhere; it all equals a crazy night out but luckily nothing went wrong and Dan had a great birthday. I somehow managed to crawl out of bed the next day to go to class and then skating for the first time in like forever. It was horrible since the skates were dull and I fell about a million times because they had no traction at all. Turning was like trying to cut butter with a finger; useless.

On a sad note Shirin lost her coat, but stole someone elses which was similar. She was pissed, and mad, so the situation remeid itself in time, thankfully. Otherwise it would have been a sad scene on the streets of Strasbourg!