Is it wrong of me to go out late on Monday night? I think not, well not recently after having such awesome times really. I knew ahead of time that it would be quite a show to see everyone being done exams and not having to worry about the concequences of anything. We headed from Alejandro’s room (the guy across the window who is always naked) to The Mosquito which was impossible to even enter, so we went straight to Java which was much nicer but impossible to see because of so much smoke. I can’t wait until French laws change and it’s illegial to smoke in bars, it will just make things so much nicer and won’t have to worry about smelling so poorly.

We arrived and immediately I got into an intellectual argument with Gustav and Ginette about inventions of Sweden and Canada. Gustav made me take his side since I spoke Swedish with him, and team Sweden beat team Canada’s ass, sorry all you Canadians. Sure the telephone was important, but the mobile phone was more important, and as well as the zipper, which was invented by a Swedish-Canadian immigrant.

When Dan saw me he couldn’t help but scream my name since I’m a legend and I was in his reality. He was stashed off in the corner barely able to stand up, but at any rate I was able to hold a conversation with him while Ginette defined her nationality while in termoil. I left at about 2am since I had an 8.30 class the next morning, but apparently Ginette and Becky stayed until 4am, which was a poor choice on their part. Now they are both sick and one is leaving for Turkey on Thursday. My warm bed was wonderful to feel after being out on a Monday night, mental note, Monday’s are awesome!