So after the last few days of sleeping, classes, and more sleeping I suppose I’ve gotten back to a normal routine. The heating in my room does not function, what a surprise?! And on top of this I still haven’t gotten a request for heath appointment for my carte de séjour, so I’m still illegial. Go team illegial residence in Europe! I will go on Wednesday to the Prefecture to sort it out since it’s the only day where I have time. Apart from that, spending large sums of money on food to restock up, and getting settled has been good. Teachers are shocked to hear I was in a hurricane, and my French was a little rusty along (oddly) with my English, which had hardly been used in three weeks.

I’ve been informed that this Saturday, also known as tomorrow, Scott and Laura are having a conjoined birthday party celebration since their birthdays were on New Years, and obviously nobody could celebrate. It will also be a celebration party for most people who finished exams on Friday in the Erasmus programme. I’m an honourary Erasmus student so I qualify for all the awesome perks, like events! I will have to find golf attire, since they insist that there are tons of people in theme. This could be a struggle as I’m already struggling with clothings, but we shall see.

Also Charlotte took me out shopping during the huge sales here in Strasbourg to get some pairs of jeans since I’m struggling and I want something more ‘fitted.’ I found two really nice pairs which are a little small but they are great, and they actually fit and together only costed 40€ which is an amazing buy. 40% off each of them, and they make me look better too as opposed to dirty and boring! I am still in search of a ‘fitted’ top to make me hot, but the only thing that fit and wasn’t too large was 69€ and quite frankly I’m not forking out that much money for a bloody shirt. Maybe thirty, but that’s about it and it better be a nice damned shirt for that! The search goes on.