This is just one of the most beautiful sun-sets you have ever seen isn’t it? Well you have to travel to the Artic Circle to see it, to be honest. This was taken when Robb and I went for a walk around town. It got quite cold so we ended up walking quite fast after going shopping. It was very nice to see the little parts of the town, even though it’s very small. I was just so thankfull to see snow, as I got my Christmas wish. The only thing I wanted for Christmas was to get snow, and I got it… and nearly cried when it happend too; that’s how happy I was at the time! But seriously, check out the colours, it reminds me so much of a really tacky-tie-dye shirt I saw awhile back that I wanted to buy (yes I’m tacky). Despite all this it was just wonderful, as I wanted to sit down and have a picnic, but it is obviously far too cold at the time to do that, and it was just poor judgement at the time. Instead we just froliked away to explore the rest of the town, and then return home for hot chocholate.


I couldn’t help but laugh when taking these photos. On the left you see the streets of Kalix, where I stayed with Robb, and the cars which demonstrate how similar Sweden and Canada are. The cars are different from the rest of Europe and are a bit bigger than on the continant, which is cool, because it made me feel more at home. On the right you see the ‘University’ *giggle* which clearly isn’t a university because the town is far too small and remote to have that, but I had to take a photo and giggle at it. So check it out, sillies!

This can pretty much sum up my 11 days in Norrbotten, and you can see how much fun I’m having. It’s the 21st century, and how many people do you know still pulling off the babysitter’s club sort of picture pose? None, that’s right, that’s why I rock! Go team us, team awesome as we decided. So after this, we had two more sleeps before I left for Finland. It was very hard to leave my bestest-best friend behind and continue on by myself. Besides that going to Finland, where I won’t understand anything. Finnish, Finns, and just the region is scary enough, but then not being able to understand what anyone is saying… can we say creepy!? Oh well, life goes on and such… Tick tock tick tock!

Next up, Finland!