What a wonderful day finally. It took about a week and a half in order to see the sun for a few minutes. It’s been overcast since I arrived back from Lyon, and it even has been raining a little bit.


Our exams went this week and quite frankly they were mostly a joke. We don’t really learn much since it’s just ‘language’ and we aren’t tested on language structure, at all. It’s weird to notice this, but at any rate I went into the audio lab and was fooling around with pronouciation tapes; boy was that fun for a Friday afternoon!


But alas, the best thing to have happend on that day was the receiving of a package. At first I thought it was something superduper special, that I’ve been expecting, but it wasn’t; it was the package my mom sent me. It had my book, scarf, and mittens in it which made me really happy; however it was the wrong scarf, sigh. It doesn’t matter anyways since I will need more than one scarf, otherwise the French will make fun of me.


I walked over to the post office to get the package and the beggar lady harrassed me. I’m getting kind of sick of people harrassing me all the time, pretty soon I will start to do the same to them, and I’ll fit right in, but until then I’m screwed. I’ve attached some photos for your viewing pleasure of things going around the city!


Everything is closed on Saturday because it’s Armistance Day, therefore I realize this late in the afternoon and had to run to the bank and then to the supermarket to stock up on food; otherwise I would have starved. I’ve attached photos of this ‘excursion’ as well!

I’m bored and I’m cleaning my room since it seems to have collected dust or something at some point in the last little while. Also the fan above my room has shut off, so my room is quiet for the first time ever; how weird is that. Maybe I should clean it as well! Things to do, golly!