Attention to all, I am on the move as of noon tomorrow! I am going to Lyon to meet a friend of mine who I will stay with until Saturday, how cool is that?

The train ticket only costs 23.40€ per way with my student discount, but the downside is that it’s a 5 hour long train ride (apparently). So I will just bring some homework that I can do while waiting. The guy at the train station was a pain since he was German and didn’t understand hardly any French, I wasn’t even going to try English with him. haha

I got attacked by another band of teenager/child-like foreigners in the mall today. I was going there to see if they have any luggage stores, but they don’t and as I was walking past a café they called me over for help or something, and then progressed to try to feel me up and whatever. What the hell is so attractive about a guy who didn’t shower yet, and was wearing jeans and a black fleecer? It’s totally messed up, but at least they weren’t asking me for money. Eventually they asked me for directions, and I gave them it and then ran away, as I’ve learned asking for directions is the way that French people ‘pick-up.’ How sad!

Anyways, right, Lyon tomorrow. Let’s hope that I don’t miss my train stop and I get off at the right time, and such! Haha. Apparently I will get tours of Lyon, and Saint-Étienne, so rock on me! I hope I don’t starve, and sad but true but I’m going to binge on McDonalds food soon since I’m just really pathetic and I don’t want to buy more food! Go team me!