This week is a holiday week, and I have several things that I could do, but some things that are more probable. I was offered to go to Prague tomorrow morning by car with a friend, and a girl who I don’t really like a whole much. That’s one option, but in all honesty I don’t want to be dropped in a foreign country where I have no base in language at all, and then expected to walk around the city for four days on my own. I really am not liking that plan.

Other choice is to go to Lyon and do some sigh seeing there. At least I would be with someone I somewhat know, and can show me things and such. It’s much cheaper I would imagine also. And besides, I can go to Prague after February when a British friend moves there 🙂

I’m also not impressed by the current Prague situation, since Crystal called me to tell me that she invited Nic to go in my spot. And now she’s pressuring me to give her an answer, and I refuse to until I have more information (but also because I want to piss Nic off). He’s being such an asswhole and it’s bothering me a lot. If he wanted to go in my place he could have just asked me, instead of asking her and doing it behind my back. He’s all high an mighty in his mind, but really he’s just annoying and childish. It’s him the one that doesn’t say Hi to me when I say Hi to him and such. Talk about rudeness!

The only reason that I am not being as nice as I am to other people is because he’s rude, and he totally used me. So instead of being walked over, he can go fuck a mongolian-goat and drop dead.

Right so, on a happier note, Lyon on Wednesday until Saturday? Yay, maybe I can learn something while there, and I would have a guide! 🙂 Which reminds me…

Turns out I’m not getting a desktop from Holland in fact, but good friend of mine is sending me a used laptop which is basically the same model of what I had. So he’s sending it on Wednesday, which is also his birthday. So this means by next weekend I would a computer back, that isn’t horrible like this one! Oh well, a computer is something at least! Go team me.

PS: After hours of labouring with stupid stuff, notice the cool Skype connection I have now on my blog! 😀 It’s right below my profile picture 🙂 Enjoy!