I’m caught in this endless cycle of saying that I will stop making plans, because they always go to the shits, and yet things ‘come up’ and then I’m always being dissapointed regardless if they are plans or not. So really what’s the point, if everything is just going to shits? Why do I even bother to expend any energy to do anything, if it’s always the same result?

With any luck I’ll get another nice surprise or something. By the way, my computer is gone to the shits since a few weeks ago and funny thing about that is, it was my dads. I haven’t told my mom, since I haven’t had a computer, and if I tell her I fear she will be so pissed that it’s all over anyways, but really I’m doubting that it could make any difference right now. Anyways, bottom line is I took the hard drive out in hopes that it can be salvaged, since the motherboard is fucked, and I ripped the laptop apart 5 times and now it’s all gonna be kicked to peices anyways. Maybe I can throw it out the window and hit someone on the way down 6 flights of stairs. One less thing to worry about in the human race, but maybe if that happens then I can be taken off to jail and then I might actually have a life! Wow, the thought of it all.

Bottom line, humanity still sucks. Go screw yourself with a bunch of nuclear bombs and rid the universe of wasted space, but then again humans are so small and insignificant in the universe that their existance isn’t even a needle in a haystack. Again, very thought provoking.

Shove that in your pipe and smoke it humanity!