To wake up on a Monday to find all the trees along Boul. de la Victoire missing is a little creepy. Apparently as we slept the city came around and trimmed back all the branches and basically left the trees with nothing so that they wouldn’t have to worry about autumn. Apparently this is the way that the French deal with lazyness to avoid problems, which really isn’t a problem but ey think it is anyways. What a wonderful way to start out the week, don’t you think? Despite this, all was okay.

Funny story, on Sunday when Charlotte came home, she came over to say hey and I was still lounging around in my pjs being lazy as a sloth. We went to go cook some chicken, and that creepy pair of Moroccons followed us yet again. This time it was even weirder because we were in her room and they walk by and say hello, so I think we felt the need to talk to them for a few minutes. She asked thet all one of them to help her fix her door since we weren’t tall enough, so he did and the meanwhile the creepy guy started talking to us and took interest in the fact we were foreign and coming from nice countries. Then he was very odd and he came out and asked “Vous êtes ensembles, comme vous vous sortez?” we both laughed and said no, and then he took everything a step farther and asked “Ahh d’accord, donc l’as-tu frappée?” and of course I answer “quoi” not fully understanding the meaning of what he was saying. He said it agin, and I said “No” and then he asked why not. I was like WTF you perv, why are even asking this; so we shut the door on his face and then laughed on the floor for about 20 minutes.

French slang is weird, but of course we aren’t sleeping together. We should have told them that she had a boyfriend so that they won’t bother us anymore, but it’s unlikely since now they know where she lives. Luckily for me they have no idea where I live!

Tuesday dawns on us, and I was a bit silly staying up late on Monday, but I can’t help 8 hour Skype calls helping out a friend, so it’s all good. I decided not to go to morning classes because 1) I woke up and was blind and 2) I was choking on my tounge, so I just went back to bed and passed out. The homework due was stupid and I had no interset in doing anything, so whatever. Classes were good, but the person that’s stalking me who I thought was from Azerbaijan, actually turns out to be from Moldova. I’m avoiding all contact thus far, in fear that I will be attacked and such random things like this.

Wednesday consisted of going to the laundramat where there were two girls from Skåne there talking, and of course I couldn’t help but laugh at their accent and struggle to understand what they were saying. They didn’t understand how the machines worked at the place, so we were giggling as they struggled and then helped them. It’s more expensive than our one in the Galia, but it works 50% faster, so I don’t mind spending another 1.50€ and walking 20 minutes to it. Next time I take the tram, quite frankly.

Still no plans for my holiday, so I’m a bit upset about that, but most importantly my bloody keyboard is broken and the Shift doesn’t work, so i’m pissed and I’m ordering a new one from Holland. It’s the only European country that carries it, so I have a Dutch friend helping me out with that, thank God. I need to get it soon though, as it’s driving me crazy to not have a shift key.

Now going to make dinner with Charlotte, so not much else going on, at least as I’m aware of.


PS: Yes I’m holding back because typing is very awkward at this point without a Shift key.