That’s right people. Humanity strike. What does this mean? It means I’m prostesting humanity in it’s every form, emotional or physical. It’s mostly just a monthly thing that I guess I could call male-PMS, but obviously I’ve been on this strike for longer than usual; since last Wednesday.

People suck, it’s a fact that it apparently takes 20 years of shit to realize, but in the end I guess we finally learn the truths about it all, but the question is why do people suck? Because they fucking just don’t care, and it’s annoying! So instead of fighting the pre-established system, I’m taking the pathetic road that everyone else is taking and I’m not dealing with it anymore, that is to say, I’m not giving a fuck anymore. It seems so easy for everyone to just be ‘whatever’ all the time, and sure as hell it’s less difficult than being someone that people walk all over all the time. Right on then brotha!

The worst thing about strikes and political messages is that nearly every single one of them is lost in ‘humanity.’ Unless someone dies or does something so stupid or dangerous people just don’t notice; ever.

PS: Not impressed, and for the record; Enya at 03.07 in the morning is dangerous, and I mean dangerous in every way shape and form!

PPS: “Random Numbers:”
= Too many and proof of humanity’s fucked-up-ness

PPPS: Tobias, when and if you read this, can you hook me up with the lyrics of Melodifestivalen 1993’s song by Richard Carlsohn entitled Ge mig din hand. Would be greatly appreciated, if you need the song, I can give it to you, just I’m clearly struggling with transcrpition.