IKEA this morning was great, in and out in about one hour, and this time I got photos. I got some rugs, and some pots and pans that were pretty cheap, and some other spatulas and such that I would need on a regular basis, and all under 20€ so I was happy. Regardless of all this, we were in line to buy our stuff at IKEA, and Ginette and I noticed this ‘person’ go infront of us. We were a bit shocked, and the first impression I had was that she was gonna get all complainy, but instead I was like; it’s not worth your time, let them pass us, maybe they didn’t see us despite the fact we are right there.


So we stand there and looking at the person who cut infront of us, and we start to wonder if it’s a guy or a girl. Now at first it was more of a joke, but it turned out that it was a more serious thing becasue we really couldn’t tell. It was either a guy with really big hips and was really short with small feet, or a woman with a really bad hair cut. It’s features were really vague too so it was really hard to tell, and we felt kind of weird wondering but never-the-less we walked back to the tram stop after the shuttle bus, and we were still wondering. It was a weird day, because while on the tram we saw three or four others that were questionable in terms of gender. It could be the fact that French people are very meterosexual, and guys are very feminine (especially with their man purses), but it was very confusing regardless. At Homme de Fer, we even saw a guy, wearing a womans purse that was pink, and had pink loafers on, which really threw us for a whirl!!


France is the single weirdest place in the world, however I went to H&M and I found a pea-coat, but I don’t think I like it very much since it’s only in large, so I will start to look around for something else just in case! Despite that, I’m deciding if I’m going to disco night or not; I just don’t want to get any more sick than I am already, so it’s all pretty questionable right now. I might just stay in and watch some TV episodes that I download, or ask Mattieu to hang out, since I feel like being mellow and not doing something really high energy.

By the way, I’m still not impressed about that ‘person’ budding me in the line. It’s really rude and I’m not used to such open-rudeness with people. Canadians are so much more polite and not so horrible. Also I am posting a picture onto one of my older enteries about when I went to the European Parliament, but I will also put it here. I sat in the chair of the Swedish representitive!! Heja Sverige för alltid!