What’s the day that is going to kick my ass from here to Antartica and back? Tuesdays! I have class at 08.30 with a really nice professor, and then I have 1 hour break and then I have Political Institutions, Theatrical Presentation, European Institutions, Literature of the XIXth century, French Philosophy, plus Phonetics, all going until 19.00 in the evening. That’s killer, but all of the classes seem to be going really well.

The stupid literature teacher made us buy the syllabus for 0.60€ which is annoying, and I have some books to buy, but so far everything seems to be okay. I have no classes today, thank god, so I will do some little homework, and sort out some papers and try to organise some things. In our philosophy class, our professor actually knows a teacher at Mt.A so he was really friendly to us, and we met some students from California who are in our class also. One of them, Nic, actually tagged along with us when we went to this mini-cinéma thing. He’s really cool, and quite funny actually, which is nice since I’m sort of tired of having girls around all the time (no offense). I love them, but too much drama and PMSing sometimes!