BNP Paribas sucks, we went there and Jeremy was waiting for Ginette, and hopped up quicker than I’ve ever seen anyone jump up before in my life! It was really cute, and then he got her to sign some stuff and gave her some stuff also, plus I had to cash some travelers cheques (the woman got confused). Plus Ginette was too chicken shit to ask out Jeremy to show us around or anything, so I was sour all day. I wanted to make new friends and she just bitched at me about being awkward and such, but we were dressed nice and ready to impress.


Then we went to IKEA, and I bought a lot of things. Useful things, very very useful things, and that’s alwasy a positive note! We looked around and then I saw the most amazing thing; a huge whale plush animal. I simply had to have it, but I didn’t want to fork out 29€ for it, however I did, and we walked home with it under my shoulder and it was amazing. I loved it, and I made so many people smile because I was carrying a huge plush whale. Who wouldn’t love that (end rhetorical question)!!


Anyways, we got back inside and I think that I napped (not sure) and then we went to go to dinner, but I couldn’t find my CROUS card, in other words my meal card. What a pain in the ass it is to rip my entire room open for it, and not find a bloody thing. I will continue to look, but I’ve lost all hope and I doubt that I will be able to find it ! 🙁 This means that on Friday I will have to go and cancel my old card and obtain a new one. Such a pain in the ass for such a small thing. I wish I could just not have to worry about it like old meal hall. *sigh wiggle wiggle*

I’ve also noticed a really ugly girl across the window that sits at her windowsill and smokes. Firstly, I don’t like people who smoke because it’s annoying in at least in Canada there are some laws about it preventing people from doing it (which is nice), but here in France it’s so widespread I can’t understand!