My god. Life without broadband internet is killing me. Literally. I have no life, I have nobody around, I have nothing to do but review French grammar, and dialup is too annoying to live through for more than 10 minutes.

I need to be saved, horribly! Tomorrow it should be reconnected (or as the insolent loser on the phone told me) but knowing me and my luck, it won’t be done until after the long weekend.

Mom is going to Windsor this weekend, and I decided not to go because I don’t feel like watching over a 9 and 4 year old all weekend, when I can be relaxing or otherwise wasting my life where I feel comfortable.

Woe is me, that’s all I can say at this point! Save me, or at least give me something to do that doesn’t require a lot of energy. Facebook has kept me busy for all of 10 minutes, but since I have nothing to update and such, and no photos to put on I can’t be there for any longer!