What idiots, my stupid internet service provider. They disconnect our second phone line, and don’t switch the high speed internet to the other one! You would think that it would make sense for them to do that but noooo.. They are stupidheads!

Anyways, I am on Dial-up *gag me now* and realized that I can’t do half the stuff I want to do because everything is soooo slow! I just want to barf and then drown in it.. ANYWAYS

Everyone is going back to school now and this makes me sad, since I’m not! lol The long weekend approaches and I am debating whether to Montréal as a spontaneous trip for a few days, we shall see. As for other developments, Jeroen my Dutch friend arrived in Canada at my university for his exchange. He decided to go there since I convinced him, but sadly he went the same year that I am going abroad, sooo… Perdiciament, yes! From what I hear, he has heard very much about my ‘famous’-ness and everyone there knows me so he feels special, but he’s also sick of people telling him he’s hot.

Sigh to the people who are good looking, like it makes no sense.. You guys bitch about getting hit on, an the rest of us pathetic souls bitch about not getting hit on. A viscious cycle of visciousness it seems. Sad, but true. Oh well I told him to just don’t get invoved, since he’s only there for 3 months, and he’s shy, and he speaks good English, and the university is 80% female. I never realized it until I looked at my Facebook and most of the people there are females, and I was shocked. But when I think about it now, everyone you see on campus is girls, even in administration. Weird, oh well!

I’m glad I’m not there for a year, I can get away from all the girly-drama that they pull you into. THEY ARE VISCIOUS I TELL YOU >> VISCIOUS! BE VERY AFRAID!