No, you are wrong. It doesn’t suck, and it’s the coolest thing since sliced bread. Sure Nokia and those crazy Finns are cool, but that’s exaclty what they are; crazy! So what spurred this amazing revelation onto me, about this amazing hybrid Japanese-Swedish company of mobilephones?

My mobilephone of course. It’s sleek, it’s cool, it’s bitchin’, it’s hawt. That’s right ladies and gentleman, I’m connected.
*insert headbanging motions here*


Don’t be jelous all of you, but you may revel in my amazingness of my phone. So it arrived on Friday, and I went to see if any of the services here have GSM, and offer SIM cards, and only one does, and it’s not a bad service. I only paid 10$ for the SIM, and then 20$ for the pay-as-you-go, and now it’s super easy. It’s a temp number until I get to France of course, but still; it’s exciting to me, the one who never has had a mobile phone 😉

Within all this greatness is some sour grapes. It’s from Germany so all the user-manual was in German, so my mom laughed and I had to find the English one online! With all that being said, it’s okej, but then I was oh so rudely (;)) awoken this morning by a sms from Robert. The little shit decided to message me to wake me up in the morning, so he got up at 10.00 (early for him), and messaged me, so I got the message at 4am, while I was fast asleep. I rolled over and was like ‘wtf was that’ and I see my phone flashing, and I swear and all he had to say was “haha Gotcha”

Sigh, but it’s all worth it in the end, I think! And now it’s a lovely day, and I am resubmitting some paperwork today to the government, provided the paperwork comes from the insurance company.