Jag är en litte tekanna
Kårt och bastant,
Det här är mitt handtag och det här ar min pip;
När jag ångar överallt, då roper jag,
Tippa mig över och häll mig ut.

This is a lovely song that I translated from English that is a nice children song, and I sung it for Robert, Jean, Lyndon, and James. I think they liked it, but it would have been better with video and the hand motions and such! It would be really cute and such.

And then I got some special present, which was a nice tour of a new apartment, but since I promised not to say anything about it; I won’t! Other than it’s very nice and I can’t wait to live in an apartment just like it.

Tennis training is T-minus eight hours with the person whom I heat more than anything, Brian my former tennis coach. Cris gave me a three lessons for my birthday, and this is number two; after the first which was me surprising Brian and him being rude. Anyways…

Meet Joe Black is on TV, and I think I missed the first 20 minutes, so I’m not sure what’s going on but I hope to be clued in becasue I hear that it’s quite a nice film. Oh well!

The tea pot spouts and is all boiled up!