I have to interrupt the train of entries just to mention a hillarious conversation I had with someone!

Katja: Osky, I’m looking for a boyfriend damnit!
Osky: Okay, what are you looking for in a guy? You know I know people who are good at finding people for others!
Katja: Uhm, a guy!
Osky: A little more specific?
Katja: I want a boyfriend who knows how to suck cock.
Osky: Oh I see, so you want a bisexual boyfriend?
Katja: No, oh my god Osky are youe stupid or something?
Osky: No I just thought because you said…
Katja: My Buddah, I want a gay boyfriend don’t you get it?
Osky: I guess not, but doesn’t that mean…
Katja: I knew you wouldn’t understand, why can’t you just acccept me for who I am.

Now is that wack, or is that wack? Just about the funniest thing thats happend to me in weeks, but I can’t help but wonder if she was joking the whole time. Maybe I don’t even want to know! 😮