I can’t believe that there is such horrible TV on at this hour. 03.00 and the only thing on is infomercials with cheesy people preaching good things about this machine by “Body By Jake” that is supposed to make your abs amazing.

The results are too dramatic, the machine costs too much, and the guy is nearly Richard Simmons but straight and prolly shorter and in better shape.

It all just kind of reminds me of my 10km run that I do everyday. I seem to be wearing less and less clothing while I do my run simply because it’s so damned hot. It got up to 42°C today, and I nearly died while running, but luckily I had water with me so I survived and then had a nice little chat meeting the new neighbours that moved in in October, that I hadn’t seen since now. John and Marie they are named, and they are a young married couple who are very nice and even invited me over for some wine, but unfortunately I was on my way over to the school for some sprinting practice.

Anyways, so yeah the all black running outfit needs to be rethunk, as it looks nice as a contrast to my skin, but it’s super hot. Oh well, I could always use the loss of calories anyways, so no changes! The shorts are pretty nice and tight too so there is no worries about the moving of my music player that fits in the pocket. And the t-shirt rolled up to beyond my shoulders, and then rolled up my tummy for good airing of the skin. It looks pretty cool to me, I think; very retro which is always in (in my opinion for running at least).

So John wants to learn to run, but when he heard I run 10km he nearly fainted, and said that I should go shorter distances every other day so that he can come too. I will rethink this maybe, as it would be a nice way to allow him to have some friends in the neighbourhood (even though we are moving in a few months). Oh well we will see what we do.

Next post will be about the top 2 most fun times I’ve ever had in my life!
1) Montréal Music Trip
2) Québec City Grad Trip