Okay so I just got out of my room for the first time this morning, and how stupid of me to walk out the door with my eyes closed, rubbing them from the sleep. So I walk outside and the entire hallway is filled with books and bookshelves, so clearly I run into it and make an AJ! sound, and then I ask old father-dearest wtf he is doing. And the only thing he can reply is “Ingenting”

The little shit has been holding out on me? Since when has he understood stuff when I say it in Swedish to him? Oh well, this just gives me even more of a reason to never speak English in this household again, uhm yay! So besides being in shock during my shower, it just got me thinking now how much he’s understood when I go on my bitching rapage in various languages! Oh well, so what if he understands and not lost in the translation.. Sure I don’t care! :DD

Oh and another random thought. So I was outside doing my post-10km run stretching on the back porch and it was still light out and the neighbours had some friends over and as I was stretching, their conversation got more and more hushed. We are talking like 17-18 year olds here, and then out of the blue one of them just says in a normal voice “Yeah shit, I’d fuck him in an instant”

==> WTF? My first thought, clearly, and then I just glanced over, and sure enough they were all staring at me as a stretch. Okay sure I’m like a contortionist and really flexible, but being objectified like that doesn’t feel that nice. On the other than it was nice to know that someone was interested mwhah, but still..

So yeah, what’s the underlining message? My sketchy-neighbour’s friends want to have sex with me. I don’t whether to run away or to stick it out and tease them. The latter seems more appropriate, but on the other hand I don’t really want to be stalked. Oh well, life goes on.

Bookshelves are still in the hallway, therefore I’m trapped in the room currently. And I’ve got the hungries, which will clearly not be satisfied. I need to start keeping a stash of food in my room, but I really don’t want the bugs to come in! Hmm! Deliemma!

Okay so update on the father situation… I just walked by him and said a bunch of swearwords and he looked at me blankly, so I guess we could say it was a fluke that he knew what I was saying. Oh well no matter, maybe he’s not as unintelligent as I originally thought! Sad, oh so sad!