I talked to a girl today that went to the same university as me last year, and we lived on the same floor. Despite being a bit of a drama queen and pretty spoiled, we became quite close over spring break and we talked lots and became pretty good friends.

Anyways, the point is this summer (since her dad works in the oil industry) she has been moving around. Grenada, Antigua, Barbados, Aruba etc the family is ‘touring’ and now she is, and I quote:

Trapped in her home in Valetta, Malta. :DD
It just made me laugh when she said this. Her family lives there for some reason, and she’s sort of sour about it because she complains that it’s no fun, and she knows nobody, and Maltese is too confusing and difficult to understand and such. It was basically a conversation of her bitching for about a ½ hour, but there is shining light! After all this traveling and her abilities to be out in the sun, she has gotten a great tan!

Who would think a girl from Calgary who is pail as the day, and burns like a crisp, could be browned and have her hair done in little braids. Anyways, her 2nd homed (back in Trinidad & Tobago) where her family used to live, she is complainging that her boyfried is being too jelous as he thinks that he has something to worry about since she is good friend to me.

I really didn’t know what else to say but laugh, cause like.. What the hell does he have to be jelous of!? Roflmfao. Sure I’m cute, and cool, and supernice, but jelous of my friendship with Trish? NOW THATS an irrational fear, and obviously he has nothing to worry about becasue I’m not interessted in her (whom I’ve told on several occasions).

In better news it rained and stormed yesterday that was crazy. The rain was sooo hard, and then it started to rain ice pellets, so I ran outside and got soaked to save mom’s flowers from the damage. Anyways, the neighbour’s ‘adopted-sorta-just-staying-there’ daughter Gwen was playing in the pool with her flamboyantly, gayer-than-Richard Simmons friend Troy, who I remember from high school *shudders*

Anyways, they were in the pool and it’s thunder and lightning and they were trying to hide under the dingy for protection (as if it would do anything) but I couldn’t help but pass the thought of them getting struck by lightning. That thought was quickly supressed as I realized that I was soaking wet with no towel to dry off with. So I hid under the landing until the rain stopped and the sun came out, and then I dryed myself off in the sun, trying not to draw much attention to myself.

I’m sure one of the neighbours saw me doing yoga in the front the other day, as they have been known to ‘hide’ in the window (where I can see them anyways) and perv on me. Maybe I should just flaunt around a little bit and leave little to their imagination.

God I’m bored.. Can’t you tell? :crazy: