When I say that I hit the jackpot, it means exactly what I say. Imagine finding the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow that was hidden by some creepy Leprechaun. It’s like finding a glorious thing that just can’t be compared to.

That’s what it’s like finding 50 years of Melodifestivalen songs, not just random ones but complete competitions. Sure some of the songs are great and some others horrible, but I am listening to them all and forming an opinion of. Sorting them and tagging them for ID3 tags is a bit tedious, but it gives me something to do.

I went to bed at early time last night so around 03.00 so it’s improved from the 08.00 bedtimes of the lats few days. Each day I go to bed a little earlier so that I am able to see the light of day here 😉

So I woke up at 08.00 this morning and I decided to go out and do my yoga practice in the sun, which proved to be more difficult that I expected. The problem with Ashtanga yoga, is that you will end up getting very hot and sweaty so the mats are pretty much useless, and so you must get a blanket or towel, but those end up really hot on the ground. It’s a never ending cycle of heat and visciousness that ends in me having to take a cold shower afterwards at about 09.30.. Sigh, oh well, I suppose I got some colour during it, so it’s not all in vain.

I will go for my 10km run this evening earlier than normal, just becuase it’s starting to get darker earlier in the evening and I want to eat after I go running so that I dont feel bloated for 45 mins 🙂

Go team me, the winner of everything, and yet I don’t have anything to do but do ID3 tags!

[ S A V E M E P L E A S E ] :wave: