Okay now this is driving me crazy. Going in search of back songs for Eurovision and Melodifestivalen is quite a pain in the bum! I managed to find all the “Winning Songs” of Eurovision alright (at least I think) but when it comes to The Melodifestivalen “Favourites” or even just albums itself I’m struggling. I have a bunch of random files that were from a CD “Melodi Festival Favorit” or something, but really it’s random and seems old. It would be nicer if I had a complete set, to be honest.

So even though I found a bunch of stuff, including Eurovision 2000 * 😀 * I am still majorly struggling for Melodifestivalen 2000 and 2001, which I wish to have a complete set for.

And no it’s not souly for the purpose of “När Filmen Är Slutet” although I do love that song. Which reminds me, yes she looks like a crack addict in that show, and dancing on the piano is so ‘different’ but jag måste säga.. Heja Henrik Wikström on piano! Not only does he look younger (being six years ago) but he outdoes the singer ;D

Silly Avengers, aka Suss von Ahn & Co.

*runs in search of these albums*