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What is there to do on a better day like this nice sunny one while watching some footie to take a nice piture of my desk!? As you can see my laptop is widescreen, large, and annoying as hell with many windows doing stupid things at any given moment. My nice little laptop bag on the left which only holds my extra ethernet / dial-up cable and some papers, and then my webcam on the right.

The light above the desk is weird, because when you turn it on it’s like that neon type so it lights up everything and hurts my eyes. Unfortunately when I came home my IKEA light was in transit, and I didn’t have any light so I had to use this one for a little bit. It was annoying but I have my lamp back so it’s okej.

On a sadder note, Sweden’s football team didn’t fair too well today as they lost to Germany in quite a lopsided match. Ever since the redcard for Lučič it was 11 vs 10, and the Germans were just better at everything. The thing that bothered me was when the red-card was given, the referee was smiling and felt proud about doing such a thing when really it wasn’t that bad of a final and it did appear as the officals were favouring Germany. Even if they were, Sweden wasn’t playing well enough to do antyhing of vast importance.

Alas, noobody now to cheer for as Sweden seems to be the only Scandinavian team to make it to the world Cup, sadly. However, there is some silver lining: we didn’t loose to England, and therefore kept our winning / non-loosing record against them near perfect and therefore we are better 😉

I will just go back to my chat and brag about England not winning against us few day ago 😉


  1. Heja Ljungberg!

    What should not be forgotten is what a small country Sweden is, and qualifying for the World Cup is a true achievement in itself, anything on top of that is a bonus. Well done, boys!

    Now I cheer for Ghana, they seem so happy the entire time. I wish people were more like them…

  2. I agree to a certain extent, but it’s really not that small in comparison to others in Europe. Shame that he was picked on by being fouled so often in the game though.

  3. LOL, well I’m a big BIG England supporter, so obviously I must leave a comment :p

    Sweden only scored their second goal in the last few minutes!

    Nonetheless, it’s obvious that Sweden has good football players. I mean just look at the English coach!

    Having said that I was supporting Sweden in the match against Germany.

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