So I was looking around at some youtube things, and I happend to come across the interval act for Melodifestivalen 2005 by After Dark. I don’t really know many words to come up with about this, other than it’s absolutely amazingly funny!

It made me laugh on the floor for a few minutes, especially the part with the 3 guys and the push-pins in their bums. Now who would normally think of that? I couldn’t help but laugh at the Charlotte Nilsson impersonater, but really they are are funny. So much I miss when I’m trapped in a boring country here and have no cable.

I can’t help but wonder who those three men were though. Probably some struggling artists that needed some air time and weren’t afraid of being embarrassed.. I do however want to know one of the songs that ‘Lena’ was singing, not the Det Gör Ont, but the other one.. It will drive me insane until I find out.

In the meantime I will amuse myself with SchlaggerParty!