And now for my hardcore analysis of all the Final songs! Hope you enjoy, and comments are welcome!!

Swizerland – six4one
FN.01.Switzerland - six4one

Six soloists all from around Europe all to sing for one cause, to be for Switzerland. Not only is their song interesting and sweet ballad, but boy can they sing? Their singing sounds exactly like the recording and all of their voices blend into each other to make the most beautiful harmony. A simple song, with no acrobatic dancing and just singing is nice, but it’s a shame that they didn’t do well! Even if I could have voted, I wouldn’t have, because there were better songs; even still I liked this one.. Good message, good performance, good start to the evening!

Moldova – Arsenium feat. Natalia Gordienko and Connect-R
FN.02.Moldova - Arsenium feat. Natalia Gordienko & Connect-R

Who likes short-shorts? Europe likes short-shorts! Alongside short shorts, what’s the deal with rap entries that are sort of weird? I like it, in some weird way but I don’t know why exactly. It’s annoying in, an annoying sort of way, but the final act was very well polished and clever. She had more costume changes than Linda Bengtzing in Melodifestivalen hehe.

Israel – Eddie Butler
FN.03.Israel - Eddia Butler

Uhm wow? That’s all I can really say about this, and sadly to say this was another act where the backup singers upstaged the lead singer. God that woman has a high voice, and it nearly heart my ears (and the glass windows around) to hear her try to get that high and “harmonize” the lead singer, which still sounded alright in my opinion. Nothing new, nothing interesting, didn’t expect it to do well, and of course it didn’t.

Lavia – Vocal Group Cosmos
❗ Personal Favourite
FN.04.Latvia - Vocal Group Cosmos

What a clever idea, to sing a cappella. For the first time in Eurovision History no background music was used, and as weird as the intro was, I really like thing song because it really does show the talent of the group out. All on each vocal part, they are their own choir and they are the percussion, and the voices. However, having said that, how will the public react? It didn’t do too well because there was more hype about other acts, but the 7th member (Robot) was a cute addition and the balloon at the end was a nice sentimental idea. As a side comment, I liked the Latvian spokesperson as he was really funny!

Norway – Christine Guldbrandson
❗ Personal Favourite
FN.05.Norway - Christine Guldbrandsen

What a clever idea to have an actual Scandinavian entry for once in awhile! She has a beautiful voice, and the background and dress of her and her fellow stage-women was wonderful and it was a pleasure to hear and see her. However, despite being a favourite of mine, I don’t think it will do well and really only get votes (low numbers) from Scandinavian countries. And as I thought, it came out that way! Sad, but oh well. As a side note, the spokeswoman also was the same as last year with her cute accent and saying cute things like “colourful, lively show.” Go team her!

Spain – Las Ketchup
FN.06.Spain - Las Ketchup

My God this was an annoying song! Not only is it annoying but the performance was boring and I didn’t see anything special about it. The girls can sing (seeing that they are pro) but other non-pro acts put on a better show. Despite it’s annoying-factor, I can’t get “Un Bloddy Mary Por Favor” out of my head. Damn Spanish song! I was impressed to see their Spokesperson speak in French though! Go team French!

Malta – Fabrizio Faniello
FN.07.Malta - Fabrizio Faniello

I have lost so much respect for Malta after this song was put onto TV. I like the song, but my god the performance was horrible. It would have been only worse if he just stood there with no dancers. He could at least have learned the dance (or tried), but despite that the song was catchy (cheesy) but me and my weird tastes: I liked it. I don’t think it deserved last place though, there were much worse songs! And what was he thinking when picking his clothings? Ack!

Germany – Texax Lightening
❗ Personal Favourite
FN.08.Germany - Texas Lightning

Yeee-haw Aussie-Jane! Go team different with the German song which was done completely live with a band. She can sing, they can play, and it was so different from everything else that it stood out for me! Thank god it was better than Gracia last year, who just was.. I am not even going there! Cactuses were a great touch, aslo! 🙂

Denmark – Sidsel Ben Semmane
FN.09.Denmark - Sidsel Ben Semmane

Can we say catchy? Yes for the twist tune which is fun for everyone and has a “mckt mckt happy-feeling” for me. However, golly she is really not that tall and is towered over by her dancers which was really funny for me. She can sing, I guess, but it sounds as if her voice is strained and is rough around the edges. Would have been better in other conditions maybe, but it was alright! And on a personal note: *waves to Mads* 😀 You’re amazing!

Russia – Dima Bilan
FN.10.Russia - Dima Bilan

Usch! Can I hate this song anymore than I already do? My God this song is more annoying than a hangnail for me; I HATE IT. I don’t know how else to say it. The more I hear it the more I want to become deaf. Yes he can sing, yes he is somewhat attractive (not really), and yes he has good stage presence, but my god it’s almost as desperate to me than like… Carola! And what’s with that mullet, I’m no fashion police but honestly it looks horrible on him. Sure it’s great to embrace his sexuality and do nude photos for Slovenian / Russian magazines, but that’s horrible publicity in my eyes, and he’s really less attractive in all ways for me because of it. And if I hear one more example of the Russians complaining about a loss (like they did in 2003 with tATu) I am going to blacklist Russia forever. Also as a side note, got their spokesperson is annoying for me, and the fact that all the former Soviet Republics give them high marks, regardless on the merit of the song; BLAH!

F.Y.R. Macedonia – Elena Risteska
FN.11.F.Y.R. Macedonia - Elena Risteska

Again this song is alright, but annoying for me. I really don’t know much to say, since I ranted about it in the Semi-Final analysis post. She does alright on stage, but she stole my “Pulse-Pulse-Dip” move (all those at my university will understand me). Damn her for that! And I wanna know what Martin Vucić said before announcing that Bosnia- Herzegovina got 12 points!

Romania – Mihai Traistariu
❗ Personal Favourite
FN.12.Romania - Mihai Tr?istariu

This song is one of my favourites! The singer oozes sex appeal, and sings great. However, his voice on the evening was not very good and seemed strained like some other singer due to dry conditions of the arena. His act was entertaining and makes me wanna dance, but whats the deal with his eyebrows? He’s good looking enough to get away with not waxing them to perfection! Too bad that the results didn’t give him the best outlook, but thankfully he finished in the top 10 and Romania (my favourite since 2003) will be in the final again! Heja Romania!

Bosnia & Herzegovina – Hari Mata Hari
FN.13.Bosnia & Herzegovina -  Hari Mata Hari

I love ballads, but I wish I knew what he was saying! It’s ethnic, beautiful and he has a sentimental story to his life after singing for 20 years. Go Bosnia-Herzegovina! But really I think that I just like them since the hype from Feminem last year! hehe

Lithuania – LT United
FN.14.Lithuania - LT United

Although they got booed for qualifying, and booed for every points that they got, I like it, in some weird and annoying way. Oh well, I’m weird, and the act was the same as the Semi-So weird to see how the results come out the same. Got lots of votes from British Isles though, funny that!

United Kingdom – Daz Sampson
FN.15.United Kingdom - Daz Sampson

Can we say, I hate this song more? He bops around like a bunny and sings with a pop-rap song and women dressed as school girls? Hmm, well better than previous years I think (God I hated Javine). I think what killed me for this song is an interview with him on the BBC during the Semi-Final, he was all cocky and full of himself, and I’m glad that the votes booted him towards the bottom of the list! I hate cocky people, especially those who are rude (somewhat like the BBC commentator).

Greece – Anna Vissi
❗ Personal Favourite
FN.16.Greece - Anna Vissi

Nobody could have topped her emotion in the song, despite having a poor voice the night of. She still managed to pull it together and be the diva that she is. Alone on a stage is risky, but she is so popular and wonderful, and modest, and all the good things in life, that it didn’t matter. Everyone loved her, and she got into Top 10 thankfully!

Finland – Lordi
=> Winner!
FN.17.Finland - Lordi

Rock on monsters! Whether or not this was a political statement on Eurovision, I love the song (And still hate hard-rock)! I don’t really know much else to say, expect yay for fireworks and costumes which attract much attention! See you in Helsinki next year! 😀

Ukraine – Tina Karol
❗ Personal Favourite
FN.18.Ukraine -  Tina Karol

Ookraine anyone? I love Tina, and she is so small, cute, and has one hell of a voice that I don’t even care so much for the song (despite it being good). I still would have voted a big yes for this one, and I’m glad that she got Top-10! Tambourines rock my world, no matter what anyone else says! And feet stomping; YES! Woooo!

France – Virginie Pouchin
❗ Personal Favourite
FN.19.France - Virginie Pouchain

Another nobody turned famous if I’m not mistaken. But honestly this song is so beautiful that it will get ignored on the evening. A French friend of mine said that it’s unfortunate that the song is “generated only for the French market” which could be true. It’s so sweet to see her in a white dress, and a cellist with her singing form her soul even though at times it didn’t sound so sweet. Simple sometimes is better than complex.

Croatia – Severina
❗ Personal Favourite
FN.20.Croatia -  Severina

I will never forget the words “Moja Štikla” or “Afrika Paprika” in my life because of her! I love this song, this dance, this everything about it. She has a great voice and look to her (except large lips) and I would have liked to see it Top-10 again so that it makes to the Final! Her stripping off a little didn’t help, but I guess as I read; after her sex-tape scandal, she embraced her sexuality and looked to enjoy herself more!

Ireland – Brian Kennedy
FN.21.Ireland - Brian Kennedy

Old news, again. And I think that the only reason why it got voted in to the Final was that it was the 1’000th song sung at Eurovision! I don’t want to say much more because I will become borderline annoying. But he reminded me of Patrik Isaksson and his pathetic feeling while singing… Oh well!

Sweden – Carola
❗ Personal Favourite
FN.22.Sweden - Carola

I went on my rant about Carola in the previous entries, so I won’t bother here. She sang worse than the Semi-Final, but better than Melodifestivalen! The air in the area had an obvious strain on her voice as she hesitated, but damn can she perform! She is the one that everyone loves to hate, because she wants to win so damn bad! Interesting comment though: someone mentioned to me that she needs to lay off on the botox! How old is she anyways? Like 45? I would never have known!

Turkey – Sibel Tüzün
❗ Personal Favourite
FN.23.Turkey - Sibel Tüzün

You go Turkey! I wanna feel the rhythm every-night! I love this song and I don’t know why, maybe just because it’s in Turkish and it’s simple, but the dancers help a little bit, along with the fact that shes Turkish and has bleach-blonde hair. I guess I haven’t seen anything yet! She sang great, with the chorus in English once, which really made it more spicy for me, and she looked like she was having fun, so yay for Turkey, again!

Armenia – André
FN.24.Armenia - André

Again this was a qualifier, but I don’t know how I feel about it. It cracked the Top-10, but it was exactly like the Semi-Final, maybe that’s what hurt it a bit! Everyone likes to vote for a newcomer too, so welcome Armenia (goes to look on a map to see where it is). 😀

That wraps up ESC for 2006, and therefore my life gets a lot more boring as I have nothing now to do about anything! Highlights for the competition: Iceland, Croatia, Sweden, Finland!!, Romania and that amazing song “Love Shines a Light” sung by Sakís Rouvas that made the skin on my neck go all goosebumpy because of his sexy voice. Also in during the televoting I had to listen twice when I heard Peter de Lueewe (sp?) hitting on Sakís. I think both will regret it later, as it doesn’t help with Sakís ‘unknown’ sexuality!

Over and out, from *usch* Canada