Mads Vangsø
Mads being silly! 😀

Mads Vangsø
Mads being sweet! 😛

Oh my gosh! I am so giddy it is driving me insane! Eurovision Semi-Final is tomorrow and I’ve already told my dad to get out of the house from the time when it starts so that I have all the bandwidth to watch online! LOL

I will be having a Skype conference also with Robert so that we will yell each other during it.. We have become quite close acutally, weirdly, but thankfully nothing from before comes about anymore! Anyways..

Back to Eurovision, I am so giddy that I think I will wet myself at some point during the next 24hr! LOL I just hope that the online feed will work for me, otherwise I will cry and never be able to recover from myself.

So I also watched “Inför ESC 2006” in the four episodes today and I loved it, because it was so funny. The final installment was the best, and I think that Mads is really funny.. Especially when he gets upset and doesn’t know what to say.. It make me laugh very much 😉

And after Robb mentioned Thomas Lundin to me and I watched, I couldn’t help but giggle as well becasue well.. It’s Thomas Lundin with his silly Finnish accent 😉 I have nothing against it, no, but the pink jacket that he wore a few weeks ago was so… not-cool!

Okej since now I am the fashion police I will stop since I have no sense of fashion! 🙂

I just must laugh when they spoke on Greece’s entry, Anna Vissi, and honestly I didn’t pay much attention to it until that moment because they all made good points, except Mads 😉 And Nanne is just, funny I don’t know what to say about her. *sigh* Den var fantasktisk, Meat Loaf-feeling! haha Funny that she turns to the Dane and not the Icelander for support when she can’t hold her head up anymore (but I can understand why becasue Eirikur was creepy looking 8|8| .

So moral of the story is, SEMIFINAL IS TOMORROW AND I HAVE PARTY WITH ROBB FOR THEN AND SATURDAY EVENING. Wooot! It will be fun I think, because I will simply make fun of his voice as he makes fun of my Swedish 🙂 I will desperate help with the whole oral skills, because as Tobias knows, I’m not good with speaking :-/

God above of whom I don’t believe in, help me!