Oh my golly geepers mother of all flaming suns that burn far above!

I am going on a road trip in…. 16 days! And whereto? The most amazing beach spot in non-Florida United States *eww I know* but it’s Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.

I am going with some people that I met, and well they seem nice enough, and I just want to travel anyways, and get a tan.. Oh my, if I could get a tan this year before going to France I would feel amazing, and maybe even a little good looking for once!

And besides, the people I am going with will be very complimentary I guess, becasue well most of them are a lil older and like to drool over people with bodies like me :DD

Anyways, bottom line is that I’m going somewhere the first weekend in June and I’m super excited, becasue it’s really cheap too!! And especially since the exchange rate is amazing 😀