In the last 48 hours many things have happened, some good, some bad, but mostly confusing and good in some aspect. Firstly I have burned 4-ISO-DVD’s which means there is lots of space on my HD 🙂

Other than that let’s recap the ‘love’ that has been going on. I have had one Dutch person confess their love to me, despite being about 19 years my senior (it weirdly does not creep me out) and beg for me to date them. All I could say is that I was flattered but I would need to meet first, and then see where it goes from there.

Secondly I had a Finn confess their love to me after knowing them for a few weeks and begging me to go out on a date. Sadly I had to tell them that I was in Canada at the moment and would be going to France in September, broke their heart I think but we will see what happens. They are currently in Venezuela on vacation so!

Thirdly I had someone British nearly confess their love for me after knowing me only for about a day. The weirdest part about it, is that they were a porn star.. What the heck is up with that?! Sometimes I don’t even wan’t to know what kind of vibes I give out! Oh well I was flattered, and I will need to deal with these things as they come

Fourth, I had an Ecudorian beg me to visit them in New York (which obviously isn’t going to happen since the city is gross)! I think they are cool and all, but I’m just not into them to be honest! I will try to let them down gently, as I don’t want to hurt anyone.

What’s the deal with all this confessing and such lately? For 19 years nothing happens, and then this *plops over*… I don’t even know what to think! And on top of all this a Slovene really really really likes me and I think it’s starting to be obvious to me, weirdly enough.

*looks around frantically* Where is my wannabe mentor when I need them? omg I will explode soon, but knowing me I will only get crushes on every single one of them and then I would be in even worse of a mess than I am right now. I say blame Skype as it makes me more vulnerable to talking to people. Which reminds me ETL; 4 hour conversation still is the longest that I’ve had so far 😉 Be happy and be honoured that it was you 🙂