When one is to day to be on ‘talking-terms’ it assumes that people get a long great but there might be a little bit of hostitlity between them. This is true, however this weekend has been so ‘exciting’ that I must talk about.. well talking!

So Friday night was consisting of me having a voice conference with like 4 others, and it was very funny becuase we have interseting topics of conversation more dynamic than the weather! So after that I talked with Andrew from Australia for about 3 hour until it was 07.00 in the morning, and then I went to sleep until about noon!

After that I got up and did some garden work outside, and then ate, and then came in to talk to my super friend Tobias of whom I like more and more everyday because he’s so smart and he’s so nice 😉 The conversation is so varied and dynamic that I don’t even remember the order in which it came, but it made me smile a lot to be able to, and it makes me want to go to Athens this year more and more for Eurovision (even though I can’t, I know… tragic). Anyways, I will stop to say nice things about random topics because surely I make someone uncomfortable.

Okay since the topic is still more about talking, after I talked with R today and cleared some things up, hopefully we are back to being friends and nothing negative will come to us in the future. Even though some think I should do some ditching of the fish, I am very attached to a lot of people and find it hard to let go of them, especially when they have a huge influence on my life.

The ones who have an influence on me are the ones that make me even more scared about life and the future, but it’s their kindness, compassion, understanding, and personalable qualities that make me smile and remin dme that although I am 1 in 8 billion people, at least one of them care a little bit about me and would like to see me be happy and improve my life! B)

My mouth yawns, which is another form of talking, but more or less this weekend (at least this far) has consisted of a lot of talking, to a point where my mouth hurt from using it so much… And a good thing too, because my voice sucks and I want it to shrivel up and die and grow a new one 😉

Jag ska sova gott och drömma av älvadanser! Adjö