So now after 26hrs of absolute painful sitting at a chair that is uncomfortable, with no sleep and food, I never want to take a train again! :DD Trains are horrible because they give me an unlimited amount of time to think, and we all know what happens when I start to think about things.. bad things happen! haha just kidding.

No seriously now though, I didn’t sleep at all because I can’t get into comfortable position sitting upwards and such *grumble grumble* oh well it’s all over now.

So I think I’ve made an unofficial decision people(s)… brace yourself now because I was thinking that maybe it’s good idea for me to go to Sweden for a few months before going to France to work, since I dunno if I want to stay here. This was mostly influenced by Tobias who suggested doing it after France, but why wait right? I might as well go now, when I am still in a good enough mood about it 😛

So but there are many problems interlaced with this! Where shall I live? Where shall I work? And how is it guaranteed that I can find either? It’s not, so that’s the only thing holding me back! I worked out that I can have a job for 2 months here and earn enough to do what I wish, but like I said, I have noooo idea where to live, or no idea to find a job that will earn me enough money to have money for school in September.

So suggestions do we have? I am going to be around all tomorrow *hint hint* so, I figure the quicker I make a decision, the quicker I can get it in motion to get my papers and such.. I still gotta do all my papers for France and such too, and I dunno if that is even allowed, to get two visas at any given time but are for different dates? Ie: Sweden (July -> Sept) then France (Sept -> June).

Hmm, okej well that’s what I’m thinking right now, and I think it’s a good idea maybe, but I’m totally useless right now because I dunno how to organize it 😮