Okej so after being awake since *counts* yesterday at 08.00; which makes it nearly 48hrs, I am extremely tired and I think that I will go to bed!

The music history exam this morning was brutal and I wanted to kill myself becuase for the first ½ hour I couldn’t keep my eyes open and everything was all blurry. Either I knew the stuff I wrote, or I guessed and had no freaking idea what-so-ever.

Oh and just for the record, we just had ‘pollowfight’ in the basement of our residence and I totally kicked Josh and Hussian’s butts! I’m good because I’m quick, agile, flexible, and somewhat strong (sorta not really) so I could take them both (even at the same time). I mostly just had a lot of pent-up-anger because Josh kept beating me at Super Smash Brothers on N64, but I’m okay now because I totally had him the whole time!

I think he was fighting dirty too, since he have anger for me for no reason since forever as we don’t really get along (personality clashes and moral differences). It’s all good because I go to France, and he go to St. Mary’s next year because apparently this school is too hard (which it is) and that’s why I go to the best university in Canada everyone (at least who reads this).

Other than that, I’ve had a lack of food and therefore am very weak, so I don’t know what I will be doing. I had an interesting talk with Gus today about his endeavours in love, and of course as usual he totally avoids what i ask and everything so I got a little bit impatient. He’s just trying to create space between us, as if there isn’t enough already (like an ocean for gosh sakes). He is closer now that he is in the UK and not Sweden, but still. And while he’s trying to create space, and I’m being neutral with him, R and I had a nice little chat today that went, how shall I say.. Interesting?

Just talked about love and such and I just read one line that he wrote and it made me laugh outload a little, I’ll share it with the world now 😉

19.54.09 R: om jag varit kär ?
19.54.17 oskyldig.nb.ca: mm
19.54.27 R: ah jo en gång när jag var liten
19.54.30 R: men inte annars
19.54.43 oskyldig.nb.ca: med en flicka?
19.55.02 R: jo då var jag mycket liten

Yes Tobias you may laugh at my stupid conversations that are grammatically incorrect in Swedish with random people and such! Just don’t do it for too long because I will start to get offended 😛 I have even decided to try to learn back again and improve so I don’t need to use the dictionary quite so much when talking with him (even though he speaks perfect English lol) I just feel like if I start to speak English to him now, it will just be like starting over with someone and that’s not something I really want to do right now. Besides he say that: du är min favurit. Which means to me, that nothing is going to change right now, since everything goes well.

And just for the record, I am in no position at this point to asses what is going on with that aforementioned situation. It’s quite the confusing situation indeed as Jim agrees with me, and the whole MSN conversation only just started today, whilst some random French dude was butchering older Eurovision songs on mic in the room! 88| was about the only reaction that I could have!

So back to getting better at my spoken forms, I broke out the good old ‘På Svenska’ books by Ulla Göransson and Mai Parada and have the burned CD somewhere. I’ve got the Studiefäfte and Lärobok and the two tapes, but I don’t have the stuff for the ‘Hörsörståelese’ so I guess my comprehension will never really improve 😉 To help, I took a notebook and I am writing down the words that I learn or have to look up during a conversation (especially ones that come up commonly) with their declinations, inflectsion, verb conjugations etc. Alongside that my old grammar book thats very extensive will be read a little bit by little bit, especially the stuff about nouns and adjectives as I have many problems with them, probably due to lack of exposure or something. Blame mother for purposely forgetting all her Swedish because she was sick of living in Luleå. I find nothing wrong with the city, it’s nice and medium and it’s familiar to me, so I needn’t worry, except I gotta figure out which school Robert go to.. He’s being coy about where he lives, my guess is that he’s either in Umeå or Luleå, but just doesn’t want to say because he likes to preserve his ‘personal information.’

Oh and for the record he liked to sprang something totally random at the end of the conversation:

22.29.36 R: nu ska jag gå men om du vill jag jag ge dig nått att tänkapå imorrn 😀
22.29.57 oskyldig.nb.ca: lol jag kan sjunga men jag är myket mycket mycket skygg 😛
22.30.02 oskyldig.nb.ca: ahh okej
22.30.12 R: hehe ok final words! i sleep in the nude!
22.31.09 R: hehe, men nu har du nått att tänka på imorrn

For someone who is supposedly just like me and the innocent little person from Norrbotten he spring that up on me… What the heck am I supposed to think about that??