Okay so you know those things that you find under your bed that is like a clump of dust and hair and stuff? Well I found out this morning that they are called dustbunnies, and I really had no idea that they were so common! I am a very clean person, and let’s just say that even after Friday afternoon cleaning every single weekend, there are still remnants of all the stupid little bunnies!

So how did I discover them? I was moving my room around to put it back the way that it as given to me since I sign out next week, and when I moved the bed I just let out a scream and said ‘Ewww’ and ran to get the vaccum (who’s name is Henry!!)

I think that I don’t like the idea of dust-bunnies. because they are gross! I hope that even this short 5 day week for me will keep them away, and I won’t need to worry about them creeping up on me and eating me!!

Oh an on a personal note.. R; min vän :DD, du är mycket söt, så ändra inte aldrig någonsin! B)