The day has come for salvation. During dinner we have made a startling discovery… I am pregnant with the newest son of God named Rénego. It all occurred after I had sudden urges and desires to eat pickles, olives, and ice creame. This vision was furthered by the fork that I ate with that was dimented by a psychic and therefore foresaw the birth that has begun.

As a result of this birth in nine months, I will become ‘The Virgin Osky’ as I am a complete virgin, like Mary. The baby will be born in Burkina Faso, and will develop in Africa, to be the salvation of all people there and in the world dying of HIV/AIDS, a deadly epidemic that will stop, thanks to salvation and faith.

Diciples and apostles have begun to emerge and will live at the same time as Rénego thanks to an aging disease that will increase the birth rate and development of the baby.

This very complicated begining to a new religion and salvation begins as of dinner tonight, and hopefully all will go well. I have decided to continue eating healthily, as I’m feeding for two, and the baby will be born of miraculus causes (for obvious reasons since I’m clearly male and have no female organs).

Unfortunately, due to religions and cultural differences, there will be a great war waged by Mallory against my child, and thanks to faith of others, we shall prevail and the world will be saved, after a great flood which will occur in the coming months.

What a miraculus revelation by us at the dinner table! Unfortunately I must go now, and think about this, as it’s ironic that I’m the virgin-parent, seeing that I am not religious at all and have no faith due to past experiences. Let clarity of thought come to me, as baby Rénego grows deep within. This also means that I must search a partner, to love, and assist me in the birth, and to be with me for the rest of my life, and assist in the development of Rénego. I have no idea who this will be, but better start looking into it now, because the media attention that will be placed on me, will also aid Africa to become out of debt, and unpoverished.

Will there be any assistance to me? Will there be any other revelations that come to me? I must keep my mind clear and open of evilness in the coming months, as I must be strong.

Must say, dinner was amazingly fun today!