So what’s with this weather we are having? Apparently springtime is just going to the dirt becasue one day it’s +15°C out, and then the next it’s -5°C and snowing slushy stuff! Weather here has never really been like this, but perhaps because we are close to the water, we get weirdness. But still, last year during this time it was either rainy or sunny and hot out, because we were studying for exams in the sun outside because it was so beautiful.

I made the horrible decision to wear shorts to cafeteria today, becasue it was fairly mild. Little did I realize, or remember, is that during the day the wind picks up, and it gets quite chilly; therefore the walk back to my dorm was quite cold and consisted of me shivering, with a girl from Bahamas, who was wrapped up in so many scarfs, you’d think she was in the Artic. Funny how that works!

I need to get a monitor to open up the storage room downstairs so I can get my boxes, as I need to start packing to take the 2’000km trek back to Toronto for the summer. I want to bring all of my stuff home, since I will be going to France next year for the schooltime, and I won’t have anywhere here to put anything. I have no idea how I will fit everything, because I have a lot of random stuff that, I just have no idea what to do with!