So my part time job as a student is to give tours to people who want to come to this university. I like it but it doesn’t pay well. So today I gave the weirdest tour I’ve ever done, and I’ve done a lot.

I arrive, and the people are waiting outside the door so I let them into the meeting room. To be honest, I expecting really odd people because of the programmes that they are in, but I introduced myself to the parents first, then there were a bunch of tours so I tired to guess who was who, and failed miserably. The first guy’s hand that I shook I said: “You’re Thomas?” And he goes “Uhh, no I’m Matt, I’m with Thomas’ family” so I appologize and meet Thomas who stares at me and holds my hand a little longer than comfortable and goes to sit down.

I introduced myself as a student and what I’m involved in, and asked them if they had any questions to start out, and some of the parents did so, and then we got started. So the tour went on, and as I told them about what was going on around campus they just became more and more touchy with me, which really weirded me out since I don’t like people touching me often.

So after I talk about the computer labs and stuff they ask about random stuff, and then got onto telling me their life stories, and about how Thomas and Matt had been boyfriends for 5 years. I didn’t really know what to say to that, since well.. I wasn’t expecting, it so I just nodded and kept talking about random stuff, but to be honest Matt didn’t strike me as someone who’d be Thomas’ boyfriend, because he just seems really normal I guess, where Thomas is very clearly flamboyant; they are like opposites.

So anyways, we go around to the academic buildings and they all keep touching me, and grabbing my arm or stuff like that, so I’m creeped out. But everything was fine until we got to the French lab where they started getting a little too personal, even the parents were asking personal questions.. I answered them just to make conversation cause it was the break but it was very awkward.

So we go to the library and the parents go for coffee while I show the boys around, and for the 30mins that they were with me alone I’ve never been hit on so much. Thomas and Matt couldn’t stop giggling, and prolly didn’t listen to anything I said at all, and were telling me about my nice hair, or amazingly sexy eyes, or nice butt or something.. So I didn’t know what to do but keep talking about the school like I was supposed to.. It was like this until we met up with the parents again, where it got a little more tame, minus the touching and such.

So we go to the residences, and I show them my room and a neighbour’s room because I’ve got a single and she has a double, and they are all interested about my clean room or books that I have around (all in French). So I explain to them all the room stuff, and show them the bathrooms. Right afterwards the tour is over and we go back to Anchorage House where they ask me questions or go home. So, since I’m required to answer their questions and offer my e-mail to them, the two guys were asking for it, and thier parents were giggling and clearly aware of what was going on. I was slightly creeped out just becasue I’m not used to being flirted with a lot, so I give them all the applications and e-mails of professors they wanted, and mine, and then they go off on their way, asking where the café is. I tell them, and they ask me if “I could pleasure them with my company”. I politely declined citing that I have to study for exams, but am I’m leaving the guys ask my phone number, and I politely tell them that if they have questions about applications they can contact me by e-mail and I’ll be happy to answer everything. I’m afraid I will be stalked, and thankfully I was able to avoid getting into a horrible situation.. I.e. coffee.

As Heather would have said after I told her this.. is she “is thoroughly impressed with the events that went on in your day” since they are hillarious and very weird. I must say it’s been the weirdest day that I’ve ever had, and now I’m regretfully waiting for any ‘questions’ that come by from the prospective students.

*sigh* What a day.